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Odisha Tableau Shines at Republic Day Parade, Focuses on Women Empowerment

New Delhi: After a hiatus of three years, Odisha marked a significant return to the Republic Day Parade in the national capital with a tableau that celebrated ‘Women Empowerment in Viksit Bharat.’ The tableau, themed around Pattachitra, a heritage craft from Raghurajpur village, gracefully rolled down the Kartavya Path, making its presence felt on the 75th Republic Day.

The Odisha tableau, distinguished by its unique theme, showcased the prowess of women self-help groups in the state. The front of the tableau featured Utkal artifacts, symbolizing the strength and capability of Odisha’s women, equating it to the power of an elephant in a developed India. The tableau portrayed the Kandarpa elephant, representing the determination and commitment of Odisha’s women towards the progress of the nation. Additionally, it depicted the love and devotion of the gopis towards Lord Sri Krishna in Rasalila, symbolizing the women of Odisha’s dedication to a developed India.

The tableau creatively incorporated the wheels of Lord Jagannath’s chariot on either side of the sheep’s head, symbolizing the wheels of progress in Odisha. The medha (decorative backdrop) highlighted women’s active participation in handicrafts, featuring live performances showcasing products like Chandua from Pipili and Pattachitra art from Raghurajpur. A large umbrella, reminiscent of the ones used during the Goddess’s idol journey, stood in the center of the medha, symbolizing the state government’s unwavering support to artisans.

The tableau also showcased traditional houses from Raghurajpur village, adorned with various home decoration items and masks crafted by the women of the village, depicting mythical characters through cartoon art. The tableau from Odisha left a lasting impression, reflecting the state’s rich cultural heritage and commitment to women’s empowerment.

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