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Odisha Records Highest-Ever GST Collection in April 2024

Phenomenal Growth Rates Reflect Buoyancy in State Economy

Bhubaneswar: Odisha has achieved a significant milestone in tax collection, recording the highest-ever Gross GST (CGST+ IGST+ OGST + Cess) collection of Rs. 5902.25 Cr during April 2024. This marks a substantial increase from the corresponding collection of Rs. 5035.74 Cr recorded in April 2023, registering an impressive growth rate of 17.21%, surpassing the national average growth rate of 13%.

In addition to the Gross GST collection, Odisha has also witnessed the highest-ever State GST (OGST + IGST Settlement) collection, amounting to Rs. 2996.05 Cr in April 2024. This figure represents a remarkable growth rate of 32.94% compared to the collection of Rs. 2253.71 Cr in April 2023.

Of particular note is the collection of OGST during April, reaching Rs. 2081.83 Cr, which stands as the highest-ever OGST collection in the state’s history.

The comprehensive tax collection under all Acts monitored by the Commissionerate of CT & GST, Odisha, including OGST/ IGST Settlement, VAT, and Profession Tax, has surged to Rs. 3330.48 Cr during April 2024. This marks a substantial increase from the collection of Rs. 2544.45 Cr recorded in April 2023, reflecting a robust growth rate of 30.89%.

The buoyancy in the state’s economy is further evidenced by the significant increase in the generation of waybills. During April 2024, a total of 23.15 Lakh waybills were generated, compared to 20.90 Lakh waybills generated in April 2023, representing a growth of 10.76%. Out of the 23.15 Lakh e-waybills generated in April 2024, 12.38 Lakh were intra-state waybills, while 8.51 Lakh were inter-state waybills.

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