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Odisha Minister Urges prevention of artificial flooding in Urban Areas

Bhubaneswar: Dr. Krishnachandra Mohapatra, Minister of Housing and Urban Development, emphasized the critical need to prevent artificial flooding in urban areas and enhance water drainage systems during a comprehensive review of the Department’s plans and initiatives today. The meeting, attended by top officials including Sri G. Mathivathanan, Additional Chief Secretary, highlighted the government’s commitment to prioritizing urban development across Odisha.

Minister Dr. Mohapatra underscored the pivotal role of urban development in realizing Odisha’s vision of a developed India. He stressed on empowering various Municipalities, Corporations, and Notified Area Councils (NACs) across the state, advocating for proactive measures to bolster infrastructure and enhance the quality of life for residents. Particularly, he urged for Bhubaneswar, the state capital, to be developed as a global model of urban excellence, focusing on robust infrastructure and sustainable development practices.

“Urban development should go hand in hand with ensuring the welfare of our citizens,” remarked Minister Dr. Mohapatra, emphasizing prudent budget allocation to avoid unnecessary expenditures. He also highlighted the importance of adhering to timelines for ongoing projects such as the metro rail, aiming for their timely completion to benefit the public.

During the session, Sri G. Mathivathanan, in his presentation on ‘Successful Journey in Urban Development,’ showcased Odisha’s achievements in solid waste management, its notable performance in national cleanliness surveys, and the progress of the metro rail project. He highlighted Odisha’s unique initiatives like the Drink From Tap scheme and the establishment of food centers managed by women self-help groups, which have garnered global recognition.

In response to recent challenges, Minister Dr. Mohapatra issued directives to address waterlogging and drainage issues in cities like Bhubaneswar on an urgent basis. The Department of Housing and Urban Development has issued guidelines for effective rainwater and floodwater management in urban areas, stressing compliance by Municipal officials statewide. Additionally, in light of the recent jaundice outbreak in Sambalpur, the Minister instructed the CEO of WATCO to conduct an immediate inquiry into water quality issues.

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