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Odisha Imposes Two-Month Ban on Fishing Along Entire Coastline

Bhubaneswar: With an aim of conservation and effective management of fisheries resources, the Odisha Government has implemented a two-month ban on fishing within territorial waters along the entire coastline of the state. The ban, which came into effect on April 15, will remain in force until June 14.

The Directorate of Fisheries, Odisha, Cuttack, issued a directive to the Additional Fisheries Officers (Marine) of Ganjam, Kujanga, Balasore, Puri, and the District Fisheries Officer (B&T), Balugaon, instructing them to enforce an immediate ban on fishing activities. This measure is not only intended to safeguard fisheries resources but also to enhance sea safety.

The ban, enacted under Clause (a) of sub-section (1) of Section 4 of the Orissa Marine Fishing Regulation Act-1982 (Odisha Act of 1982), is crucial considering the matters specified in the Sub-Section (2) thereof. It applies to all fishing vessels, except traditional fishing crafts, whether with or without engines, operating within Odisha’s territorial waters.

“All stakeholders are urged to adhere to the notification diligently from April 15 to June 14, 2024, covering a period of 61 days. Necessary measures should be taken to inform marine fishers about the Uniform Ban enforced across the Odisha Coast,” stated the letter issued by the Directorate of Fisheries.

The imposition of this ban underscores the government’s commitment to the sustainable management of fisheries resources and ensuring the safety of marine activities along the Odisha coastline. By restricting fishing activities for a designated period, authorities aim to replenish fish stocks, promote ecosystem health, and safeguard the livelihoods of coastal communities dependent on marine resources.

This proactive step by the Odisha Government aligns with broader conservation efforts aimed at preserving marine biodiversity and promoting the long-term sustainability of coastal ecosystems.

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