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Odisha Health Minister Requests Union Health Minister For Urgent Supply of Covishield Vaccines

Bhubaneswar: Odisha health minister Naba Kisore Das has written to Union health minister Harsh Vardhan to urgently supply Covishield vaccines to the state. Das informed that Odisha will run out of the Covishield vaccines in the next two days.

“We have stock of 3.38 lakh doses of covishield which will be utilised within two days. Thus from Thursday onwards, there will be stock out of the vaccine in the state,” wrote Das.

For the month of June Odisha was allocated 13,78, 310 doses of covidshield which has been distributed to all districts.

Since June 21 Odisha has vaccinated an average 3 lakh citizens per day. “Odisha has the capacity to vaccinate 3.5 lakh citizens per day,” he informed.

Das requested the union minister to allocate additional 6 lakh doses of Covishield to Odisha for the month of June to manage the vaccination sessions in the state smoothly. He further requested for the pre-positioning of vaccines in advance to prevent any stock out situation in the state.

Odisha has been emphasising vaccinations of its citizens and organizing various vaccination drives to vaccinate as much people as possible. “Since January 16, Odisha has administered 1.14 crore doses of the vaccine to citizens and maintained a negative wastage of 3 percent with saving of 2,9 lakh doses.,” he added.

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