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Odisha Govt to Fill Vacancies in Primary and Upper Primary Schools: Recruitment of 10,000 Junior Teachers Planned

Bhubaneswar: In a significant move to address staffing needs in Primary and Upper Primary schools across the state, the Odisha government has announced its decision to fill up vacancies. An official statement released in this regard outlines the plan to engage 10,000 junior teachers (Schematic) to meet the educational requirements.

The School & Mass Education Department, responsible for overseeing the recruitment process, has assured that all necessary measures will be taken to ensure the transparency and integrity of the recruitment process. This decision aligns with the government’s commitment to providing quality education and enhancing the academic environment in schools.

The official statement highlighted that the initiation of the new recruitment process is slated to begin shortly after the completion of the ongoing recruitment of junior teachers (Schematic) for the year 2023. This strategic step aims to streamline the staffing requirements in primary and upper primary schools, contributing to the overall improvement of the education system in Odisha.

The move is anticipated to not only address the existing vacancies but also bolster the teaching workforce, thereby positively impacting the quality of education delivered to students in the state. As the School & Mass Education Department gears up for this extensive recruitment drive, the emphasis remains on conducting a fair and transparent process to select qualified candidates for these crucial teaching positions.

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