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Odisha Govt Raises Monthly Remuneration for Physically Disabled Education Volunteers (PHIEV)

Bhubaneswar: The Odisha Government has taken a significant step towards recognizing and supporting the contributions of Physically Disabled Education Volunteers (PHIEV) engaged in Gram Panchayats to provide education and special services to differently-abled school students. In a recent announcement, the government has increased the monthly remuneration for PHIEV from Rs 5379 to Rs 10,000.

This decision comes in response to the challenges and concerns raised by these education volunteers during the visit of 5T Chairman Kartik Pandian to the districts. Their dedicated service and commitment to providing education to differently-abled students have been acknowledged by the government.

Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik, after sympathetic consideration of the demands and concerns of the education volunteers, took the decision to enhance their monthly remuneration. This positive move is expected to boost the morale of the 1117 PHIEVs in the state and further motivate them to continue their valuable contributions to inclusive education.

The Odisha Government remains committed to fostering an inclusive education system that addresses the diverse needs of students and empowers every individual, including those with physical disabilities, to access quality education.

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