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Odisha Govt Launches Comprehensive Dengue Surveillance Programme

Bhubaneswar: In response to a surge in dengue cases, the Odisha government has initiated a comprehensive surveillance programme aimed at curbing the spread of the disease across the state. The Health Department on Tuesday issued directives to District Collectors and Municipal Commissioners to identify high-incidence areas from the past five years and conduct thorough surveys and mapping to contain the disease.

State Health Secretary Shalini Pandit has instructed all District Collectors and Municipal Commissioners to commence the survey and mapping work immediately.

The Health Department has urged district administrations to stay vigilant, take necessary measures, and ensure the availability of adequate volunteers, diagnostic kits, and stocked medicines.

Key directives include emphasizing timely tests and effective treatment, facilitating prompt referrals to advanced healthcare facilities when necessary, and ensuring that district and block-level Rapid Response Teams (RRTs) are prepared to handle any critical situations.

“Hospitals are instructed to set up dedicated dengue wards and ensure they are free from mosquito breeding grounds,” stated Health Secretary Pandit. Additionally, District Collectors are directed to observe ‘Dry Day’ every week, a measure aimed at reducing mosquito breeding sites by eliminating stagnant water.

The state has reported over 200 dengue cases to date, with Khurda district being the worst affected, accounting for more than 30 cases. Bhubaneswar, the capital city, has emerged as a significant hotspot, representing 50% of the total cases reported in Khurda district.

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