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Odisha Govt Implements Dynamic Assured Career Progression Scheme for Medical Faculty Promotion

Bhubaneswar: In a proactive move to address delays in the promotion of the Odisha Medical Education Service (OMES) cadre, the Odisha state government has introduced the Dynamic Assured Career Progression (DACP) scheme. The Health and Family Welfare department announced this implementation in a notification released on Friday.

To motivate and enhance commitment among members of the OMES cadre, the government had earlier introduced the Time-Bound Career Advancement (TBA), focusing on career progression without financial benefits for faculties in government medical colleges. Additionally, place-based incentives were introduced for faculties serving in medical colleges.

Recognizing the specific discipline-based promotion structure within the OMES cadre, which often led to delays in promotions for faculties in medical colleges, the government has now launched the DACP scheme.

As per the notification, faculties of the OMES cadre working in government medical and dental colleges will be granted two assured promotions – the first after six years and the second after 12 years of service, calculated from the direct entry level following recruitment through the Odisha Public Service Commission (OPSC).

A dedicated screening committee will be formed to assess the eligibility of medical college faculties for upgrades under the DACP scheme. This committee will review cases of faculties completing the mandatory period required by the end of the previous calendar year, i.e., December 31.

The introduction of the DACP scheme is expected to streamline the promotion process and boost morale among medical faculty members in government medical and dental colleges in Odisha.

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