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Odisha Govt Approves Establishment of State Water Informatics Centre for Comprehensive Hydro-Meteorological Data

Bhubaneswar: In a significant move towards bolstering water resource management, the State Cabinet has given its approval for the establishment of the State Water Informatics Centre (SWIC), Odisha. This center is envisioned to serve as a comprehensive repository of hydro-meteorological data for the state, aiding in informed decision-making and policy planning.

Operating under the Department of Water Resources, SWIC will house a proficient team specializing in water resource management, data handling, and information technology. The personnel will be drawn from existing organizations or outsourced as required, ensuring a skilled workforce for effective functioning.

This initiative is poised to usher in a new era of efficient water resource management in Odisha, leveraging technology and data-driven insights for sustainable planning and development.

SWIC will collaborate seamlessly with the National Water Informatics Centre (NWIC) to facilitate the exchange of hydro-meteorological data between the central and state governments. This integration aims to enhance coordination and ensure a unified approach towards water resource monitoring and management.

To guarantee the long-term sustainability of SWIC, the state government has committed to providing ongoing funding for its operations beyond the National Hydrology Project (NHP) period. This commitment underscores the government’s dedication to responsible water resource management, recognizing the importance of continual data-driven insights for effective policymaking.

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