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Odisha Govt and UN World Food Programme Collaborate to Enhance Food Security

Bhubaneswar: Elisabeth Faure, Chief of the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) in Odisha, along with Himanshu Bal, Field Chief Officer of the World Food Organization, held a productive meeting with Krushnachandra Patro, Odisha’s Minister for Food Supply and Consumer Welfare. The discussions underscored the collaborative efforts aimed at bolstering food security initiatives in the state.

The partnership between the Odisha government and the World Food Organization under the auspices of the United Nations is a pioneering step towards enhancing the quality and nutritional value of food available to the people of Odisha. Minister Krushnachandra Patro emphasized that this initiative will significantly contribute to improving nutrition, raising living standards, and promoting better health outcomes across the state.

Highlighting the importance of fortified rice, Patro noted its potential to combat malnutrition effectively. Fortified rice, enriched with essential vitamins and nutrients, is poised to play a crucial role in addressing nutritional deficiencies prevalent in Odisha.

Elisabeth Faure expressed confidence in the continued collaboration between the United Nations World Food Programme and the Odisha government. She emphasized that this partnership not only aims to strengthen food security but also positions Odisha as a center of excellence in global efforts towards nutrition and sustainable development.

During the meeting, Special Secretary Mohammad Quamrul Haque and other dignitaries were present, reaffirming their commitment to advancing the goals of food security and nutrition in Odisha through strategic partnerships and innovative interventions.

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