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Odisha Government Launches ‘Mo Booth Aap’ to Enhance Voter Convenience

Bhubaneswar: In a significant stride towards bolstering voter turnout and ensuring voter convenience, the Odisha government unveiled the ‘Mo Booth Aap’ on Wednesday. The launch ceremony, presided over by State Chief Electoral Officer Nikunj Dhal, marked a pivotal moment in empowering voters with accessible and pertinent information.

Developed by the Khurda district administration, the ‘Mo Booth Aap’ app is designed to provide voters with real-time updates on the status of queues at polling centers. This innovative feature aims to enable voters to plan their voting schedule more efficiently and participate in the electoral process with greater ease.

Moreover, the app offers voters essential details such as the name and location of their designated polling stations, ensuring that voters have all the necessary information at their fingertips.

One of the key functionalities of the ‘Mo Booth Aap’ app is its ability to allow Block Level Officers (BLOs) to update the number of voters in the queue and promptly publish this information for the convenience of voters. This feature ensures that voters can make informed decisions about when to visit their respective polling booths.

Furthermore, the app serves as a vital tool for Sector Officers, enabling them to provide real-time updates on the actual poll status. Sector Officers can address crucial issues such as law and order concerns and promptly report any malfunctions related to Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs). Additionally, they can update the status of polling completion and the departure of polling parties from the booths, facilitating smoother coordination and management of the electoral process.

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