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Odisha Government Invokes ESMA to Restrain Fire Services Strikes

Bhubaneswar: In a move to ensure uninterrupted emergency services, the Odisha Government has enforced the Odisha Essential Services (Maintenance) Act (ESMA), prohibiting strikes by firemen and their supervisory ranks.

The Home Department invoked ESMA in the public interest, considering the vital role of Fire Services in community life. The disruption of such services could result in severe hardships to the public, causing potential loss of life and property, as stated in the department’s notification.

The notification reads, “In exercise of the power conferred by sub-section (1) of Section 3 of the Odisha Essential Services (Maintenance) Act, 1988 (Odisha Act 9 of 1992) read with section 2(b) of the said Act, the State Government do hereby prohibit strikes, as defined vide section 2 (V) of the ESMA Amendment Act, 2020 in the aforementioned services.”

This order, imposing ESMA and restraining strikes, will be effective for six months from February 21, as mentioned in the notification. The decision aims to safeguard the seamless delivery of essential services during emergencies.

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