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Odisha Government Announces 25% Increase in Remuneration for Outsourcing Employees

Bhubaneswar: Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik declared a significant 25% hike in the remuneration of outsourcing employees engaged across various government departments through service provider agencies. The announcement comes after a meeting between the outsourcing employees and 5T Chairman Kartik Pandian, where concerns and issues were discussed.

In addition to the remuneration increase, the State Government is taking comprehensive steps to enhance the welfare of outsourcing employees. One of the notable measures is ensuring timely remuneration, addressing a common challenge faced by outsourcing employees.

To facilitate dispute resolution, the Chief Minister announced the establishment of the Odisha State Outsourcing Employees OMBUDSMAN, a dedicated body to address various disputes between outsourcing employees and service provider agencies.

Employees with experience will receive additional compensation, with Rs 1000 more per month for every five years of experience. Female employees are granted maternity leave for up to 120 days, allowing them flexibility until the birth of their first two children.

The State Government will appoint nodal officers in each department to hear complaints from outsourcing employees and service provider agencies, aiming to streamline grievance redressal.

To simplify the complaint submission process, a Software Application will be developed through the GA&PG Department, CMGI. This application will allow both employees and agencies to submit their grievances conveniently.

Outsourcing employees currently receiving increased wages will be secured under the new system, and all departments will engage in supplementary agreements with service providing agencies to implement these decisions efficiently.

These measures signify the government’s commitment to the welfare and rights of outsourcing employees, addressing their concerns and improving their working conditions.

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