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Odisha Department of Water Resources Marks World Water Day with Strategic Dialogue

Bhubaneswar: On the occasion of World Water Day, the Department of Water Resources in Odisha convened a strategic dialogue to address pressing water management issues and promote sustainable practices. Emphasizing this year’s theme, ‘Water for Peace’, the discussion aimed to underscore the pivotal role of water in fostering stability and prosperity globally.

The session, held in the conference hall of the Department, saw the participation of senior officials and experts, reflecting the state’s commitment to effective water resource management. Led by the Development Commissioner-cum-Additional Chief Secretary, Anu Garg, the dialogue explored innovative approaches to ensure the judicious use of water and equitable distribution among various stakeholders.

Key focus areas included the judicious and equitable distribution of water among diverse users, the promotion of a culture of water conservation, reuse, and recycling, and the adoption of technology to optimize water utilization.

Among the pathbreaking initiatives highlighted during the session were efforts to diversify crops and increase crop intensity, ensuring equity and justice in water governance, and empowering women to take on leadership roles in water management. Additionally, the discussion emphasized the importance of resolving differences in water sharing through amicable means, fostering collaboration and harmony among stakeholders.

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