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Odisha Declares Holidays for State Govt Offices and Magisterial Courts on Polling Days

Bhubaneswar: For maximum participation in the democratic process, the Odisha Government has announced holidays for employees of State Government Offices and Magisterial Courts (Executive) on polling days in their respective areas.

A notification issued by the Revenue and Disaster Management Department confirms the declaration of holidays on the following dates: 13th May, 2024 (Monday), 20th May, 2024 (Monday), 25th May, 2024 (Saturday), and 1st June, 2024 (Saturday). These holidays apply to offices located within the Parliamentary Constituencies and Assembly Segments falling within those Parliamentary Constituencies.

The move aims to ensure that government employees have the opportunity to exercise their right to vote without any hindrance, emphasizing the significance of active participation in the electoral process.

By granting these holidays, the Odisha Government underscores its commitment to promoting democratic values and encouraging citizens’ engagement in shaping the future of governance.

The decision reflects the government’s recognition of the importance of civic duty and reinforces its commitment to upholding the principles of democracy and electoral integrity. It also aligns with efforts to foster a culture of responsible citizenship and active participation in the democratic process.

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