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Odisha Couple Leads Goat Rearing Revolution: PM Modi Highlights Inspiring Story in ‘Mann Ki Baat’

New Delhi: During the 110th episode of ‘Mann Ki Baat,’ Prime Minister Narendra Modi shared an inspiring tale of an Odisha couple from Kalahandi, Jayanti Mahapatra, and Biren Sahu, who are spearheading a transformative movement in goat rearing through ‘Goat Bank’.

In his address to the nation on Sunday morning, Prime Minister Modi emphasized the significance of goat rearing, often overlooked in discussions about animal husbandry. He commended the efforts of Jayanti Mahapatra and Biren Sahu, who left their managerial roles in Bengaluru to make a substantial impact on the lives of villagers in Salebhata, Kalahandi.

The couple, both management professionals, established Manikastu Agro with the aim of addressing the challenges faced by villagers and uplifting their living standards. They also introduced the innovative Manikastu Goat Bank, promoting goat rearing at the community level. The Goat Bank operates on a unique model, providing farmers with two goats for 24 months. Over this period, the goats give birth to 9 to 10 kids, with the bank retaining 6 kids while the remaining are returned to the family involved in goat rearing. The couple ensures necessary services for goat care, creating a comprehensive system to support farmers.

Currently, Manikastu Goat Bank has successfully engaged more than 1000 farmers from 50 villages, guiding them towards self-reliance in animal husbandry. Jayanti Mahapatra and Biren Sahu’s dedication and service-oriented approach have made a significant impact, showcasing how successful professionals can contribute to empowering and making small farmers self-reliant.

Prime Minister Modi expressed his joy at witnessing professionals from diverse fields adopting innovative methods to empower small farmers. He believes that such efforts will serve as an inspiration to others, driving positive change across the country.

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