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Odisha CM Stresses Timely Completion of Water Resources Projects

Bhubaneswar: Odisha Chief Minister Mohan Charan Majhi on Monday emphasized the timely completion of ongoing water resources projects during a high-level meeting with officials from the Water Resources Department. According to an official press release, Majhi directed the department’s top officers to manage water efficiently, particularly during the delayed monsoon, and to remain prepared for potential flood situations.

In the meeting, Development Commissioner Anu Garg, who also serves as the Additional Chief Secretary of Water Resources, along with a team of officers, discussed the current status of various projects with the Chief Minister. Majhi underscored the importance of these projects, highlighting that improving the status of the state’s farmers is a top priority for his government. He stressed that the Water Resources Department plays a crucial role in ensuring water availability for agricultural activities.

“The improvement of the status of the farmers of the state is a top priority of my Government, and the Department has a key role to play in making water available to them,” said Majhi. He urged all officers to work with utmost sincerity, transparency, and dedication to maximize the benefits for the farmers.

Majhi’s directives come at a critical time as the state braces for a potentially delayed monsoon. The Chief Minister’s focus on water management is aimed at mitigating any adverse impacts on agriculture and ensuring that farmers have the necessary resources to sustain their livelihoods.

The Water Resources Department has been tasked with maintaining a state of preparedness to manage water resources effectively and to respond swiftly to any flood-related emergencies during the upcoming monsoon season.

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