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Odisha Chief Minister Presents 153 Awards for Healthcare Excellence

Bhubaneswar: In a significant recognition of excellence in healthcare services, Chief Minister  Naveen Patnaik presented the “Chief Minister’s Awards for Excellence in Healthcare Services” today, honouring individuals and institutions for their outstanding contributions. The ceremony, held at the state convention centre in Lok Seva Bhawan, saw the presentation of 153 awards across six categories in the first phase.

Health Minister Niranjan Pujari and Health Secretary Smt. Shalini Pandit graced the special function, highlighting the government’s commitment to healthcare reforms under the 5T principles.

The healthcare initiatives in Odisha are guided by the principle that ‘Every life is precious,’ emphasizing patient-centric quality health services. The Chief Minister’s Awards, aligned with the 5T mandate, recognize remarkable contributions in transforming the healthcare delivery system in the state.

The awards were distributed in various categories:

Quality Certification:

NQAS Certified Hospitals: 3 Hospitals
LaQshya Certified Hospitals: 14 Hospitals
Kaykalpa Winner: 20 Hospitals
Best Hospitals/Institutions:

BSKY Empanelled Hospitals: 47 Hospitals
COVID Hospitals: 2 Hospitals
Central Govt.: 2 Institutions
Best Ranking among Public Health Facilities:

1st Positions: 7 Hospitals
2nd Positions: 4 Hospitals
3rd Positions: 4 Hospitals
Individual Awards:

Doctors: 28
Paramedics: 16
Special Award for Outstanding Contribution during the Bahanaga Train Tragedy:

6 Hospitals
These awards serve as a testament to the dedication of healthcare professionals, public and private sector hospitals, and institutions. The Chief Minister’s vision is to transform Odisha into a model state and healthcare destination, ensuring universal access to quality healthcare, and building a “Sustha Odisha, Sukhi Odisha.”

Among the notable awardees, SCB Medical & Hospital secured the first position among Old Medical Colleges & Hospitals for 2022-23. Bhima Bhoi MCH Bolangir received the first award among New MCHs for 2022-23. Ashwini Covid Hospital, Cuttack, was honored with the Best Standalone Covid Hospital Award, while RMRC Bhubaneswar received the Best Central Govt Institution Award for Exceptional Services during the Covid Pandemic.

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