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Odisha Cabinet Approves Restructuring of Nursing Service Cadre

Bhubaneswar: In a significant move aimed at enhancing the quality of healthcare services, the Odisha State Cabinet approved the restructuring of the Odisha Nursing Service Cadre and further amendments to the Odisha Nursing Service (Method of Recruitment and Conditions of Service) Rules, 2019. The amendment is expected to incur an additional expenditure of approximately Rs 245 crore per annum for the state.

The decision aligns with the mandate under the Indian Nursing Council (INC) norms and the revised Indian Public Health Standard (IPHS) guidelines published in 2022 by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India. The state is committed to making all public healthcare facilities IPHS compliant to provide better healthcare services to the people.

The restructuring of the Nursing Officer cadre has been approved with the concurrence of the GA & PG Department and Finance Department. The aim is to meet IPHS and Indian Nursing Council norms, ensuring improved healthcare services at the grassroots level and establishing a robust structure for rational, periodic career advancement for Nursing Officers.

As part of the restructuring, out of the 28,285 base-level posts of Nursing Officers, 11,943 posts have been abolished, and 7,997 new posts of Senior Nursing Officers have been created. The total strength of the cadre is enhanced to 28,684 with the creation of proportionate promotional posts.

The eligibility criteria for direct recruitment now include the possession of a valid Registration or Renewal Certificate as of the date of the application form submission, as per Rule 9(xi).

The gradation lists for various positions, including Nursing Officers, Senior Nursing Officers, Assistant Nursing Superintendents, Deputy Nursing Superintendents, Nursing Superintendents, Deputy Director of Nursing, and Joint Director of Nursing, will be prepared at different administrative levels.

The minimum residential periods in feeder posts have been reduced for the consideration of promotion to higher posts. The restructuring is expected to incur an additional expenditure of approximately Rs 245 crore per year.

This strategic decision underscores the state’s commitment to elevating healthcare standards, ensuring a competent and motivated nursing workforce, and providing comprehensive and quality healthcare services to the citizens of Odisha.

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