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Odia director Soumendra Padhi is back with Season 2 of ‘Jamtara’

Bhubaneswar: The much-awaited Season 2 of the popular web series Jamtara is all set to enlighten audiences with more new scams and unseen threats. The trailer of the crime drama ‘Jamtara-Sabka Number Ayega’ was unveiled on Thursday.

Season 2 will show how the young scamsters of Jamtara, innovated and diversified the phishing business and scammed a large number of people. With more interesting stories, the new season has introduced new characters. 

Sharing about the new season, director Soumendra Padhi, “We have got good content in season 2. There are many newer scams that we have explored. The storyline is also much more layered, with good research. Overall it is much larger in terms of scope, aim, and ambitions.”

Season 2 blends old rivalries with new characters, he added.

Sharing about how he got the idea of Jamtara, Padhi said, “It all started with Deepu Sebastian, a journalist from Chennai who was the first to break the story of Jamtara. I read his article which mentioned a small village with the caption ‘the phishing capital of India’.”

“There is a small village in Jamtara with a population of less than 5000 with 40 mobile shops. Most of the houses were mud houses and one wouldn’t believe that it is the phishing capital of India. Most of the boys studied till the fifth standard. This made us curious to follow the story,” he informed. 

Soumendra who is from Odisha has directed feature film ‘Budhia Singh-Born to Run’ starring Manoj Bajpai believes that OTT platforms are a boon for filmmakers, directors, and artists. “OTT is a great platform in terms of experimenting with a lot of content. Stories that would not make it to the films, if made into a series, will help to explore much deeper and have more characters or sub characters,” he said.

“In terms of creative potential and exploring, we can take risks in OTT unlike in films. The focus is more on the content in the web series. Moreover, it gives great opportunities to deserving talents. There are so many good actors, writers are getting their due,” he added.

It’s a good chance for filmmakers, directors, writers, and actors. OTT is going to stay for long, he shared.

Soumendra is also busy shooting a film which will be completed soon. “I am juggling both films and series. For me, there are no demarcations. Except for the duration, kind of content and quantity is different, the format that we are shooting mostly the same,” he said. 

With the series set to release on 23 September on Netflix, the whole team is excited and hopeful that audiences would love season 2 as well.

Watch the trailer-


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