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NTPC Mining Ltd. Achieves Landmark of 100 Million Metric Tonnes of Coal Production

New Delhi: India’s leading integrated power utility, NTPC Limited, has achieved a significant milestone through its coal-mining subsidiary, NTPC Mining Ltd. (NML), by surpassing the landmark of producing 100 Million Metric Tonnes (MMT) of coal. The milestone was reached on 25th February 2024, signifying a remarkable achievement in NTPC’s commitment to fuel security and contributing to the nation’s energy needs.

NML’s journey to 100 MMT of coal production commenced on 1st January 2017, with the initiation of coal production in its first coal mine, Pakri Barwadih. The cumulative quantity of coal produced by NTPC Mining Ltd. crossed the 100 MMT mark on this day. Notably, the first 50 MMT of coal production was achieved in 1,995 days on 19th June 2022, while the next 50 MMT of coal production was accomplished in just 617 days, showcasing the subsidiary’s accelerated progress.

The outstanding performance underscores NTPC Mining’s relentless commitment to enhancing coal production from its captive mines. This not only contributes to NTPC’s fuel security but also ensures an efficient supply to meet the growing energy demands of the nation.

NTPC Mining Ltd. currently operates five operational captive coal mines, including Pakri Barwadih, Chatti Bariatu, and Kerandari Coal Mines in Jharkhand, Dulanga Coal Mine in Odisha, and Talaipalli Coal Mine in Chhattisgarh.

To achieve sustained growth in coal production, NTPC has implemented a range of strategies and technologies. These include the adoption of rigorous safety measures, improved mine planning, equipment automation, workforce training, and the implementation of continuous monitoring and analysis systems.

NML has set an ambitious target of achieving a coal production of 100 MMT per annum by the year 2030, reflecting NTPC’s commitment to securing the nation’s energy future.

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