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NTPC Group Achieves Historic Milestone of 400 Billion Units of Electricity Generation

New Delhi: NTPC Group, India’s largest integrated power utility, has crossed a significant milestone by surpassing the mark of 400 Billion Units (BU) of total electricity generation in the current financial year. This achievement, reached on March 13, 2024, marks a momentous stride for the company, following its generation of 399.3 BU during FY 2022-23.

The accomplishment comes with an impressive average Plant Loading Factor (PLF) of 77.06% for NTPC’s coal stations, underscoring the company’s operational efficiency and robust performance.

Earlier in the year, NTPC recorded its highest-ever single-day power generation of 1,428 Million Units on September 1, 2023, showcasing the exceptional capabilities of NTPC engineers and its Operation & Maintenance practices.

This remarkable feat reaffirms NTPC’s commitment to providing reliable and affordable power to the nation, further solidifying its position as a key player in India’s power sector.

While NTPC currently boasts an installed power capacity of 75.4 GW, including 18 GW under construction, with 5 GW dedicated to renewables, the company is steadfast in its goal to achieve 60 GW of Renewable Energy capacity by 2032.

In addition to power generation, NTPC has diversified its portfolio by venturing into new business areas such as e-mobility, Waste-to-Energy, and Green Hydrogen solutions. The company has also actively participated in the bidding process for power distribution in Union Territories, expanding its reach and influence across the energy spectrum.

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