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NIMAS Honours Everest Conquerors at Felicitation Ceremony

Dirang: The National Institute of Mountaineering and Adventure Sports (NIMAS) today celebrated the extraordinary achievements of five of its distinguished alumni who have successfully summited Mount Everest. Kabak Yano (2024), Tagit Sorang Abraham (2021), Tashi Yangjom (2021), Tongchen Nimsonga (2018), and Dorjee Khandu (2018) were honored in a grand felicitation ceremony presided over by Director NIMAS Colonel Ranveer Singh Jamwal.

Addressing an enthusiastic audience of 120 students from Basic Mountaineering Course Ser No- 48, Colonel Jamwal lauded the Everest climbers for their remarkable feats and unwavering dedication. “We are immensely proud of our alumni who have summited the world’s highest peak. Their accomplishments are a testament to their hard work, determination, and the rigorous training provided by NIMAS,” he remarked.

Colonel Jamwal extended his best wishes to the graduating students, encouraging them to continue the legacy of excellence upheld by NIMAS. “NIMAS instills perseverance, resilience, and the spirit of adventure in its trainees. Our future graduates will continue to uphold the legacy of excellence and make significant contributions to the field of mountaineering,” he said.

The celebrated alumni shared their journeys and experiences, offering invaluable insights and inspiration to the aspiring mountaineers. Kabak Yano, who summited Everest solo on May 21, 2024, highlighted the rigorous preparation and mental fortitude required to achieve such a feat. Tagit Sorang Abraham and Tashi Yangjom, who reached the summit on May 31, 2021, and May 11, 2021, respectively, also shared their inspiring stories.

Tongchen Nimsonga and Dorjee Khandu, who scaled Everest as part of a group led by Director Jamwal on May 19, 2018, reflected on the camaraderie and teamwork essential for conquering such formidable challenges.

NIMAS is renowned for providing world-class training in all three verticals of adventure: Land, Aero, and Aqua. The institute offers comprehensive adventure course certifications in mountaineering, mountain terrain biking, white water rafting, scuba diving, paramotor, and paragliding. With a focus on holistic development and excellence, NIMAS aims to cultivate skilled, resilient, and environmentally conscious adventurers.

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