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New Odisha Govt Commits to Environmental Conservation and Public Participation

Bhubaneswar Ganeshram Singh Khuntia, Minister of Forests, Environment, and Climate Change, underscored the government’s commitment to preserving Odisha’s natural heritage and integrating public participation in environmental conservation efforts. In a review meeting held at the Department of Forests, Environment, and Climate Change headquarters in Kharveh Bhawan, Minister Singh Khuntia emphasized the pivotal role of nature in the state’s progress.

“Nature and progress are inseparable. Without nature and a healthy environment, sustainable progress is inconceivable. Odisha is blessed with abundant natural resources, forests, and biodiversity, for which we are profoundly grateful,” stated Minister Singh Khuntia during the meeting.

The review meeting, chaired by Minister Singh Khuntia, focused on enhancing public awareness and involving local communities in forest conservation initiatives. The Minister reiterated the government’s dedication to reducing poverty and improving livelihoods among communities residing near forested areas. He stressed the importance of collaborative efforts between departmental officials and the public to achieve these goals effectively.

Upon his arrival at the department, Minister Singh Khuntia was warmly welcomed by Satyabrat Sahu, Additional Chief Administrative Secretary, who briefed him on the department’s ongoing programs and initiatives. Departmental officers provided detailed updates on various projects related to forests, wildlife sanctuaries, environmental conservation, and wildlife protection across the state.

“Forests and biodiversity form the cornerstone of our natural heritage. The new government is resolutely committed to safeguarding and fostering these invaluable assets while fostering sustainable development,” affirmed Minister Singh Khuntia.

Addressing pressing environmental concerns such as climate change and rising pollution levels due to plastic and dust emissions, Minister Singh Khuntia emphasized proactive measures for conservation and animal welfare. He called for effective implementation of government schemes to ensure they reach the intended beneficiaries promptly.

The review meeting was attended by key officials including Mr. Devidatta Biswal, Chief Conservator of Forests and Chief of Forest Force; Sushant Nand, Chief Conservator of Forests (Wildlife); Dr. Mita Biswal, Chief Conservator of Forests (Projects); Dr. K. Murugesan, Director of Environment and Special Administrative Secretary; Manoj Nair, Chief Conservator of Forests (Wildlife) and Director of Nandankanan; as well as other senior departmental officials.

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