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New Era in Healthcare Provision with Appointment of 1205 Medical Officers in Odisha

Bhubaneswar: Odisha Government has made history in its provision of healthcare services by appointing a remarkable number of 1205 Medical Officers at once.

Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik expressed his utmost satisfaction, foreseeing a substantial strengthening of healthcare facilities in government hospitals and a consequent improvement in patient satisfaction. He placed high expectations on the newly appointed Medical Officers, urging them to serve the people with sincerity and empathy.

During his address at the ‘Nijukti Parva’ function held at Kalinga Stadium to welcome the Medical Officers, Chief Minister Patnaik emphasized the core values of Transparency, Technology, Teamwork, Time, and Transformation, collectively known as the 5T initiative. He hailed this approach as transformative governance, evident in the efficient response to the recent incident.

Commending the significant contribution of the new Medical Officers to the existing medical workforce in the state, he highlighted the positive impact it would have on healthcare services in government hospitals. He expressed his confidence in their ability to improve patient satisfaction through their dedicated service.

Furthermore, he underscored the importance of the principle “Every Life is Precious” and shared notable achievements in healthcare infrastructure. Over the past six years, Odisha has established eight new Medical Colleges and two Post Graduate Institutes, enabling the production of 2200 MBBS doctors and 826 Specialists annually.

Additionally, the state government has appointed approximately 4500 Medical Officers in the past four years, with plans to create an additional 5000 positions to further transform the healthcare system. “By December 2023, all MBBS vacancies in the state will be filled, leading to an abundant supply of doctors and ensuring enhanced healthcare services for the population,” he informed.

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