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New Delhi Hosts 41st Steering Committee Meeting of IPHE

New Delhi: The 41st Steering Committee Meeting of the International Partnership for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in the Economy (IPHE) commenced in New Delhi, India, from March 18 to March 22, 2024, heralding a critical dialogue on the future of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies.

The inaugural day, themed as IPHE Academic Outreach at IIT Delhi, saw conference delegates offering valuable insights into the potential of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies. Distinguished speakers, including Principal Scientific Advisor to the Government of India, Prof. Ajay Sood, emphasized the importance of collaboration to enhance the economics and environmental sustainability of hydrogen. Prof. Sood stressed the necessity of skill development and research and development (R&D) in the sector, highlighting its significance across the hydrogen value chain.

Additional Secretary of the Ministry of New & Renewable Energy, Shri Sudeep Jain, underscored the urgency of addressing climate change and advocated for increased collaboration between academia and research institutes to facilitate energy transition. He emphasized the imperative of transitioning to green hydrogen to combat climate change effectively.

Mr. Noe Van Hulst, Vice-Chairperson of IPHE, lauded India’s pivotal role in shaping the global clean energy landscape and emphasized the importance of skills development, educational outreach, and innovation in advancing clean hydrogen technologies.

Prof. Naresh Bhatnagar, Dean (R & D) of Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, shed light on the institute’s significant contributions to hydrogen-related research and highlighted the importance of education and research in the field.

Shri Kishor Nair, Chief Executive Officer of Avaada Group, outlined India’s initiatives towards energy transition and urged academia and innovators to contribute technology ideas to enhance the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of hydrogen production and applications.

Joint Secretary of the Ministry of New & Renewable Energy, Shri Ajay Yadav, reiterated the Government of India’s commitment to promoting green hydrogen under the National Green Hydrogen Mission.

The event also featured engaging activities, including poster presentations and a quiz competition, showcasing the enthusiasm and innovation within the hydrogen sector. Additionally, two panel discussions delved into the importance of skill development and the transformative potential of clean hydrogen technologies across industries.

The IPHE Academic Outreach at IIT Delhi served as a platform for stakeholders to exchange ideas, foster collaboration, and drive innovation in the burgeoning field of clean hydrogen technologies, underscoring India’s commitment to a sustainable and greener future.

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