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Naval Headquarters Hosts Successful 3rd Edition of Station Commanders’ Workshop

New Delhi: The Naval Headquarters in New Delhi recently concluded the highly anticipated 3rd edition of the Station Commanders’ Workshop (SCW 24/1), held from March 18th to 20th, 2024. The workshop, a significant assembly of Station Commanders from across the Navy, aimed to provide administrative and functional support to operational units.

More than 100 delegates, including Station Commanders, officers from Naval Headquarters (NHQ), Command Headquarters, Commanding Officers of various Naval Hospitals, officers from Naval Armament Inspection (NAI) Units, and representatives from Material Organizations (MOs) attended the three-day workshop. The event also welcomed officers from NHQ and Command Headquarters.

The workshop, led by Naval Headquarters, focused on three key areas: Works, Logistics, and Intelligence. During the proceedings, the Director General Medical Services (Navy) (DGMS(N)) presented a comprehensive report on the operations of Early Intervention Centres (EICs) across all Commands and NHQ. Additionally, a manuscript of the EIC book was released during the event by Admiral R Hari Kumar, Chief of the Naval Staff (CNS), Kala Hari Kumar, President of the Naval Wives Welfare Association (NWWA), and Surg Vice Admiral Arti Sarin, Director General Medical Services (Navy).

Kala Hari Kumar, President of NWWA, conducted an informative session during the workshop, which was attended by Station Commanders, Unit heads of MOs, NLCs, NAIs, and NWWA members. She provided insights into recent initiatives undertaken by NWWA for the welfare of the naval community, including Early Intervention Centres, highlighting the crucial role of leadership in ensuring community welfare. Kumar also shared forthcoming initiatives of NWWA with the Station Commanders.

As part of the event, the Naval Wives Welfare Association (NWWA) also released a coffee table book, showcasing its contributions and initiatives, further emphasizing its commitment to the welfare of naval personnel and their families.

The 3rd edition of the Station Commanders’ Workshop proved to be a fruitful platform for collaboration and knowledge-sharing, reinforcing the Navy’s dedication to operational readiness and the well-being of its personnel and their families.

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