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National Technical Textiles Mission Aims to Propel India as a Global Leader

New Delhi: In a significant move to position India as a global leader in Technical Textiles, the National Technical Textiles Mission (NTTM) has received approval with a substantial outlay of Rs. 1,480 crore, effective from the Financial Year 2020-21 and valid up to 31.03.2026. The mission comprises four key components, each contributing to the overarching goal of advancing India’s prowess in Technical Textiles.

Under the first component of NTTM, a dedicated fund of Rs. 1,000 crore has been allocated for supporting research projects initiated by Government Organizations, Premier Research Institutes, and Textiles Research Associations (TRAs) across the country. As of now, 137 research projects have received approval under NTTM, with the total approved cost reaching Rs. 474.7 crore (approx.).

The Union Minister of State for Textiles, Darshana Jardosh, shared details of the funds released by the government for various institutes under the Mission over the last three years:

2020-2021: Rs. 0.0 Crore
2021-2022: Rs. 59.64 Crore
2022-2023: Rs. 35.47 Crore

These allocations signify the government’s commitment to fostering innovation, research, and development in the field of Technical Textiles, with the aim of catapulting India to the forefront of global leadership in this crucial sector. The NTTM’s multi-faceted approach is poised to contribute significantly to the growth and advancement of Technical Textiles in the country.

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