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Nandankanan Zoo Mourns the Loss of Beloved Royal Bengal Tiger, Nandan

Bhubaneswar: Nandan, 17-year-old Royal Bengal Tiger residing at Odisha’s renowned Nandankanan Zoological Park, breathed his last on Saturday after battling a prolonged illness.

Sources reveal that Nandan had been grappling with arthritis in his waist, rendering him unable to walk comfortably. The tiger had been under the care of veterinary orthopaedic specialists at the zoo’s veterinary hospital since February, receiving round-the-clock attention and medical care.

Originally, Nandan had ventured into the zoo premises in 2013 from the nearby Chandaka sanctuary, presumably in search of a mate, as shared by zoo officials. During his time at Nandankanan, Nandan had fathered two cubs in 2016 and three more in 2021 with tigress Megha, contributing significantly to the zoo’s conservation efforts.

The loss of Nandan comes just a month after the zoo bid farewell to another cherished member of its big cat family, 14-year-old white tigress Sneha.

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