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Monks in Jirang Monastery perform mask dance

Jirang: Buddhist monks at Padmasambhava Mahavihara Monastery popularly known as Jirang monastery near Chandragiri in Odisha, performed mask dance amidst the rhythmic beats of Tibetan horn, drum, and tingsha.

Adorning the masks of the various gods, gurus and dressed in colourful costumes, monks performed dances on Friday for world peace to ward off the evil spirits.

Sharing about the event, Guru Kenpho Rinpoche Pema of the monastery said, “After ten days of the Losar festival, the Mahasadana prayers start in gompas. In these rituals, monks pray for the peace in the world, prosperity of people and to ward off evils. The mask dance is done on the last day of the prayer.”

“In the mask dance, we try to show people all the deities so they could pray,” he added.

For two days, monks perform different forms of mask dances which includes a dance to cleanse the land, a dance to protect among others. 

Tourists visiting the monastery also got opportunity to see the beautiful performance of the monks.

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