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Mizoram minister R Lalzirliana Mops Hospital Floor

Aizawl: Setting an example for others and suggesting that no one is VIP during the pandemic, Mizoram’s power and electricity department minister R Lalzirliana cleaned the floor of the hospital in which he was undergoing treatment for Covid-19.

After testing Covid positive he was admitted in Zoram Medical College on May 12. 

The noble gesture was to help the medical staff who are toiling really hard during the pandemic. Denouncing the VIP culture, Lalzirliana said the care of doctors and nurses helped him to improve. “All the doctors, nurses and hospital staff of the hospital work day and night to take care of people. I just wanted to help them in any way possible. I can’t take care of the patients, so I did what I could. I started cleaning and wiping the floor. There is already a shortage of staff. I dirtied the room, so its my responsibility to clean it.”

Everyone is struggling so there are no VIPs or laymen at this time of pandemic, he added.

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