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Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Facilitates Crucial Dialogue on Gender Sensitization in Media

New Delhi: The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting orchestrated a pivotal multi-stakeholder roundtable discussion on “Gender Sensitization – Portrayal of Women in Media.” Held at Hotel Ashok on the morning of March 11, 2024, the event brought together diverse voices from the media industry to delve into the current state of gender portrayal and discuss strategies for positive change.

The distinguished panel featured representatives from the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Prasar Bharati, FICCI, UN Women, Netflix, Warner Bros. Discovery, UNICEF, BAG Films & Media Ltd., Radio Mewat, Times of India, Equilibrio Advisory LLP, Fever FM, and Ms. Anupriya Goenka, an acclaimed actress. The roundtable was expertly moderated by Primus Partners.

The two comprehensive sessions focused on ecosystem analysis and charting the way forward. Participants engaged in an open dialogue addressing the current portrayal of women in media, identifying prevalent stereotypes, and acknowledging the challenges faced by women in the industry. Key discussions touched upon the responsibility of media outlets to foster fair and inclusive narratives, strategies for accountability, and the role of gender-sensitive language.

Areas of interest included best practices for breaking stereotypes, promoting diversity, and utilizing media’s potential to drive positive societal change. Collaborative opportunities between media organizations, advocacy groups, and content creators were explored to facilitate a shift towards equitable narratives.

Neerja Sekhar, IAS, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, underscored the collective responsibility of the state and society to drive change. Emphasizing the need for safe workplaces and equal inclusion, she reiterated the government’s commitment to fostering discussions and encouraging positive transformations across media platforms.

Panelists highlighted the role of OTT platforms in facilitating strong stories that avoid stereotypical portrayals of women. Reference was made to the “Guide on Gender-Inclusive Communication” by the Ministry of Women and Child Development and the “Handbook on Combating Gender Stereotypes” by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, emphasizing language use and portrayal in media to challenge deep-rooted biases.

In conclusion, Ms. Charu Malhotra, Co-founder and Managing Director of Primus Partners Pvt. Ltd., expressed the enriching nature of the session. Stressing the need to normalize women in diverse roles, she advocated for women claiming their space in media portrayals. The proposed strategies will be taken forward collaboratively with policymakers in the Media and Entertainment sector, ensuring a sustained and impactful dialogue on gender sensitization.

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