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Ministry of Coal Records Remarkable Surge in Coal Production and Dispatch

New Delhi: The Ministry of Coal has reported a significant increase in overall coal production during February 2024, reaching 96.60 Million Tonnes (MT) (Provisional). This surpasses the figures of 86.38 MT in the corresponding month of the previous year, reflecting a notable growth of 11.83%. Coal India Limited (CIL) contributed to this surge, achieving a production of 74.76 MT (Provisional) in February 2024, compared to 68.78 MT in February 2023, marking an 8.69% growth. The cumulative coal production (up to February 2024) witnessed a quantum jump, reaching 880.72 MT (Provisional) in FY’ 23-24, showcasing a growth of 12.14% compared to 785.39 MT during the same period in FY’ 22-23.

In addition to the impressive production figures, coal dispatch also experienced a substantial boost in February 2024, reaching 84.78 MT (Provisional). This signifies remarkable progress compared to the 74.61 MT recorded in February 2023, with a growth rate of 13.63%. Coal India Limited (CIL) demonstrated outstanding performance in dispatch, reaching 65.3 MT (Provisional) in February 2024, compared to 58.28 MT in February 2023, representing a growth of 12.05%. The cumulative coal dispatch (up to February 2024) witnessed a significant increase to 882.44 MT (Provisional) in FY’ 23-24, compared to 794.41 MT during the corresponding period in FY’ 22-23, with a growth of 11.08%.

These remarkable achievements underscore the concerted efforts of all stakeholders in ensuring a steady coal supply to support various sectors of the economy. As the nation pursues the vision of self-reliance and sustainable development, the coal industry remains resolute in its dedication to driving growth and prosperity.

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