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Ministry of Coal Boosts Make in India Drive in Coal Mining Sector

Ministry of Coal Boosts Make in India Drive in Coal Mining Sector

New Delhi:  Bolstering indigenous manufacturing and promoting self-reliance in the coal mining sector, the Ministry of Coal (MoC) has unveiled a series of initiatives aimed at advancing the Make in India agenda. With a keen focus on supporting local suppliers and fostering innovation, the MoC, in collaboration with Coal India Ltd (CIL) and other stakeholders, is spearheading efforts to transform the landscape of coal mining in the country.

Under the visionary leadership of the government, the Ministry of Coal has embarked on a mission to propel the Atma Nirbhar Bharat vision forward. Recognizing the pivotal role of indigenous manufacturing in achieving self-sufficiency, the MoC has rolled out a slew of measures to nurture domestic production and innovation.

One of the key strategies involves providing opportunities for domestic manufacturers to showcase their capabilities through trial orders at CIL. Trial tenders have been floated for various essential equipment, including wheel dozers, crawler dozers, motor graders, and tyre handlers, offering a platform for local manufacturers to participate actively in the sector’s growth.

Moreover, the Ministry, in collaboration with Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs), is working towards streamlining procurement procedures and incentivizing domestic manufacturing. Relaxations in Security Deposit, Liquidated Damages, and Risk Purchase have been introduced in trial orders to create a conducive environment for the growth of new sources.

In line with the government’s commitment to promoting indigenous production, Preferential Purchase Policy – Make in India (PPP-MII) guidelines have been mandated in all tenders. This policy grants preference to Class-I Local Suppliers, further bolstering domestic manufacturing and enhancing self-reliance in the coal mining sector.

Highlighting the current scenario, Coal India Limited boasts a fleet comprising 4,120 indigenous Heavy Earth Moving Machinery (HEMM) units out of a total fleet strength of 4,747. Projections suggest a tentative future requirement of indigenous HEMM within CIL to reach 19,035 units, against an overall requirement of 20,155 units.

The Ministry has also implemented various recommendations aimed at promoting indigenous manufacturing, including relaxed minimum guaranteed availability for High-Capacity equipment, provenness criteria relaxations, and separate trial tenders for hiring newly developed indigenous Mass Production Technology (MPT) equipment.

These concerted efforts underscore the government’s unwavering dedication to promoting indigenous manufacturing and self-reliance in the coal sector. By fostering collaborative partnerships and incentivizing local production, the Ministry of Coal aims to drive sustainable growth, foster innovation, and create employment opportunities, thereby contributing significantly to the nation’s economic development and self-sufficiency.

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