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Milk Mantra Dairy Signs Agreement with Women Self-Help Groups to Market Millet Products

Bhubaneswar: For the promotion of millet-based products and empowering Women Self-Help Groups (WSHGs), Milk Mantra Dairy Pvt Ltd. has signed a Memorandum of Agreement with Radharani WSHG of Bhubaneswar and Dibyajyoti WSHG of Rourkela. The agreement was formalized at Krushi Bhawan in the presence of the Director of Agriculture & Food Production, Odisha.

The signing ceremony commenced with a warm welcome extended by the Joint Director of Agriculture (Odisha Millets Mission) to the representatives of Milk Mantra, WSHG members, and staff of Odisha Millets Mission. The Memorandum of Agreement was then exchanged between both parties, marking a significant step towards the marketing and sale of Millet Shakti products of the WSHGs on the online portal of Milk Mantra, known as Daily Moo.

Under the terms of the agreement, Milk Mantra will procure orders from the respective WSHGs and maintain stock in their storage facilities. Consumers will have the convenience of placing orders on Daily Moo, with Milk Mantra facilitating doorstep delivery of millet products in both the Bhubaneswar capital region and Rourkela urban region.

Since the commencement of trial supplies, the demand for Millet Shakti products has been exceptional, with sales exceeding Rs. 60,000. This positive response underscores the potential for millet-based enterprises to thrive, providing a sustainable income source for WSHGs in the long run.

Encouraged by the initial success, plans are underway to expand this arrangement to involve more WSHGs, introduce additional products, and extend distribution to other regions across Odisha. The Director of Agriculture & Food Production expressed his best wishes to both the WSHGs and Milk Mantra, urging them to work diligently towards the success of this initiative.

The collaboration between Milk Mantra Dairy and WSHGs signifies a concerted effort towards promoting nutritious millet products while fostering economic empowerment at the grassroots level. This innovative marketing and sales model hold the promise of creating a positive impact on both the rural economy and consumer health.

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