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MIFF 2024 Showcases Belarusian Cinema, Strengthening India-Belarus Cultural Ties

Mumbai: The 18th Mumbai International Film Festival (MIFF) celebrated the rich cultural heritage of Belarus by showcasing a special package of four Belarusian films. This initiative underscored the significance of cultural exchange and the strengthening of bilateral relations between India and Belarus. Addressing a press conference on the sidelines of MIFF 2024, Yuri Aleksei, Director General of the National Film Studio ‘Belarusfilm’ of the Republic of Belarus, expressed his gratitude and appreciation for the platform provided by MIFF. Also present was Aliaksandr Matsukou, Consul General of the Republic of Belarus in Mumbai, who echoed similar sentiments.

Yuri Aleksei emphasized the importance of film festivals like MIFF in fostering international cooperation and understanding. “I am very happy that four Belarusian films have been screened as a special package in the 18th Mumbai International Film Festival. Platforms like MIFF are instrumental in strengthening bilateral relations between countries,” he stated.

Aleksei also announced that the ‘Belarusfilm’ studio will celebrate its 100th anniversary this year. To commemorate this milestone, a film festival named ‘Listapad’, meaning ‘the holy age’, will be organized in Minsk, the capital of Belarus, in November 2024. The festival will feature films from six different genres, including documentaries, short films, animation, and drama. “I would like to invite Indian cinephiles to this film festival,” he added.

Aliaksandr Matsukou highlighted the significance of MIFF in promoting Belarusian films and talent. “We visited MIFF to showcase Belarusian films. As Mumbai is the center of Indian cinema, we have a great opportunity to present Belarusian talent to the world,” he said. He further reminisced about the first Indian movie released in Belarus, ‘Disco Dancer’, starring Mithun Chakraborty, and mentioned the growing popularity of Indian films in Belarus. “People in Belarus enjoy the dance, music, and drama depicted in Indian cinema,” he noted.

Extending an invitation to Indian filmmakers, Matsukou spoke about the scenic beauty of Belarus and its potential as a filming destination. “Belarus is a beautiful country for film-shooting. We are working on ways to facilitate Indian filmmakers and look forward to collaborating with them,” he concluded.

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