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MIFF 2024 Hosts Insightful Panel on Content Creation Success Strategies

Mumbai: The Mumbai International Film Festival (MIFF) 2024 today hosted a compelling panel discussion titled “From Adventure to Revenue: Success Strategies for Content Creators.” The session centered on how digital platforms have democratized content creation, providing creators from diverse backgrounds with opportunities to share their unique stories. Panelists also delved into the rising demand for authentic Indian content and shared valuable success strategies for emerging content creators.

The discussion featured prominent voices from the industry: Namrata Rajkumar, Head of Movie Content Partnership at YouTube; Vijay Koshy, President of The Viral Fever (TVF) Productions; Yatish Suvarna, Director of Marketing and Communications at GoPro India; Yash Rane, a chef turned photographer; Rizza Alee, an athlete and adventure filmmaker from Kashmir; and Sai Teja, a YouTuber from Hyderabad. The session was moderated by Vani Tripathi Tikoo, an actor, producer, and member of the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC).

Namrata Rajkumar highlighted the expansive opportunities available on YouTube, noting its versatility in supporting content of various lengths—from short clips to full-length features. “YouTube has truly democratized content creation, enabling anyone, anywhere, to become a creator. We see success stories from rural to urban areas, from farmers to truck drivers, each with their unique narratives. For instance, a creator known as the ‘Family Man’ from a village in Kerala has garnered over 50 million subscribers. YouTube is the best platform to tell your story,” she said.

Vijay Koshy recounted the origins of TVF, which began after facing rejections from established production houses. “We turned to YouTube and created our own channel. Today, out of the 11 TV shows with the highest ratings on IMDB in India, seven are by TVF, and five of those are exclusively YouTube shows. Our series ‘Panchayat’ is a testament to the appeal of unique Indian content,” Koshy shared, encouraging new creators to produce original content that resonates with Indian audiences.

Yatish Suvarna discussed the transformative impact of GoPro cameras on content creation. “GoPro cameras, first manufactured 23 years ago, have revolutionized short-form video content. They have become game changers for content creators, enhancing the vlogging and blogging experience with engaging visuals,” Suvarna explained.

Other panelists, including Yash Rane, Rizza Alee, and Sai Teja, shared their personal experiences of starting channels, uploading videos, and receiving viewer feedback. They emphasized the importance of authenticity and uniqueness in content creation. “If your work is genuine and unique, you will definitely get a positive response from viewers,” they collectively affirmed.

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