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Michelle Obama Emerges as Top Choice to Replace Biden in 2024, Poll Reveals

As the anticipation for the 2024 U.S. presidential election builds up, a recent Rasmussen Reports survey has shown that former First Lady Michelle Obama is the leading choice among Democratic voters to replace President Joe Biden as the Democratic Party’s candidate.

The survey, released on Monday, revealed that 48% of Democratic voters expressed the desire for the party to find another candidate to replace Joe Biden before the November election, while 38% disapproved of the idea. Notably, only 33% of Democrats believed that a change in the ballot was likely.

Michelle Obama secured the top spot among potential replacements, with 20% of Democratic voters supporting her candidacy. Other contenders included Vice President Kamala Harris, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, California Governor Gavin Newsom, and Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. Options such as “none of the above” and “not sure” were also considered.

Following Michelle Obama, 15% of Democrats favored Kamala Harris as the Democratic presidential candidate, while 12% expressed interest in Hillary Clinton engaging in a rematch against Donald Trump.

Newsom, who has faced speculation about a “shadow campaign” for the presidency in the event of Biden stepping down, received 11% of votes, and Whitmer secured 9% support from Democratic voters.

Michelle Obama, the wife of former President Barack Obama, has been frequently urged to enter politics and run for the presidency. In a recent statement, she expressed concerns about the potential outcomes of the 2024 election, emphasizing the importance of not taking democracy for granted.

The 2024 presidential election is poised for a possible rematch between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Despite concerns about his age, Biden has asserted his intention to run, while Trump’s popularity continues to rise despite legal challenges.

As the political landscape evolves, Michelle Obama’s emergence as a leading candidate in this poll adds an intriguing dimension to the speculation surrounding the Democratic Party’s potential contenders for the 2024 election.

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