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Maldives Sets Deadline for Indian Troop Withdrawal Amid Diplomatic Shift

In a significant geopolitical development, Maldives President Mohamed Muizzu has issued a deadline for India to withdraw its troops from the archipelago, calling for the departure of Indian military personnel by March 15. This ultimatum follows President Muizzu’s recent state visit to China, signaling a potential diplomatic realignment for the island nation.

The strained relations between India and Maldives escalated after derogatory comments were made against Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi by Maldivian ministers, leading to a diplomatic row. Despite the subsequent removal of the offending ministers, President Muizzu emphasized the importance of national sovereignty, stating, “We may be small, but no one has the license to bully us.”

The evolving situation raises questions about the geopolitical landscape in the Indian Ocean region and potential shifts in alliances. The March 15 deadline adds a sense of urgency to the unfolding diplomatic dynamics between Maldives, India, and China.

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