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Low-Pressure Area Over BoB Unlikely to Impact Odisha, Says IMD

Bhubaneswar: The low-pressure area expected to form over the Bay of Bengal is unlikely to have a major impact on Odisha, according to the India Meteorological Department (IMD).

Manorama Mohanty, Director of IMD Bhubaneswar, stated that the low-pressure system will move in a northwest direction, away from the Odisha coast. Consequently, its effects on the state are expected to be minimal.

However, Mohanty noted that the system could intensify into a deep depression, potentially causing rain in some coastal districts of Odisha.

“The low-pressure area is likely to form over the southwest Bay of Bengal, near the Tamil Nadu coast, which is far from the Odisha coast. There is little chance of it moving northeastward towards Odisha. Nonetheless, there are chances of its further intensification,” the IMD reported.

While Odisha may see some rain in its coastal regions due to the system, the overall impact is expected to be limited. The IMD continues to monitor the situation and will provide updates as necessary.

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