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Kishtwar Emerges as a Power Hub: Dr. Jitendra Singh’s Visit Highlights North India’s Power Boom

Bani: Union Minister Dr. Jitendra Singh, during his visit to the Seva II hydropower project near Bani in Jammu and Kashmir, emphasized the significant strides made in the power sector under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The 120 MW Seva II power project, situated on the Himachal Pradesh-J&K border, stands as a testament to the region’s emergence as a major power hub.

Accompanied by NHPC Director (Finance) R.P Goyal and other officials, Dr. Jitendra Singh conducted a comprehensive review of the status of various hydropower projects in the area. He highlighted the Modi government’s commitment to harnessing natural resources like hydropower in Jammu and Kashmir, enabling the supply of surplus power to other parts of North India.

Discussing the ongoing power projects in Kishtwar, Dr. Jitendra Singh stated that the region is poised to become North India’s primary “power hub,” generating approximately 6,000 MW of power upon the completion of the projects. He underscored that over the past decade, under Narendra Modi’s leadership, the region has witnessed the establishment of 6 to 7 major hydroelectric power projects.

Among the notable projects, Dr. Jitendra Singh mentioned the Pakal Dul project with a capacity of 1000 MW, estimating its cost at Rs. 8,112.12 crore, with completion expected in 2025. Another significant endeavor is the Kiru Hydroelectric project, boasting a capacity of 624 MW, with an estimated cost of Rs. 4,285.59 crore and a targeted completion date of 2025.

Highlighting the collaborative efforts, the Minister revealed that the 850 MW Ratle project has been revived as a joint venture between the Centre and the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir. Additionally, the existing Dulhasti power station, with a capacity of 390 MW, is complemented by the upcoming Dulhasti II Hydroelectric project, set to contribute 260 MW.

Dr. Jitendra Singh emphasized that these projects not only address the power supply shortage in J&K but also serve as a substantial investment in the region, benefitting the local population. The collective efforts align with the government’s commitment to infrastructure development and sustainable power solutions, reinforcing the region’s pivotal role in North India’s power landscape.

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