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Kaziranga National Park Unveils New Mammalian Species in Biodiversity Triumph

Guwahati: In a significant win for biodiversity, Kaziranga National Park in Assam has unveiled two previously undiscovered mammalian species during a water bird enumeration survey.

The Binturong, also known as the bearcat, India’s largest civet, and the Small-Clawed Otter, the world’s smallest otter species, were captured on camera during separate instances, marking a groundbreaking discovery for the park.

The Binturong, a nocturnal arboreal creature, holds Schedule I status in the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972, underlining its conservation significance. This finding underscores the park’s role in preserving crucial species with high conservation value.

The Small-Clawed Otter, revealed after a comprehensive training program, is renowned for its adept hunting skills in aquatic environments and its intricate social behavior. This discovery adds another layer to the park’s rich biodiversity tapestry.

These revelations bring Kaziranga’s total mammalian species count to 37, solidifying its reputation as a crucial sanctuary for endangered wildlife. The park’s commitment to conservation and its diverse ecosystems continue to make it a vital hub for researchers and wildlife enthusiasts alike.

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