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Kandhamal introduces the first 3D Virtual Reality lab in schools in Odisha

Bhubaneswar: The government schools in Odisha are undergoing a transition making teaching-learning an interesting process for both teachers and students.

To make learning further interesting, the Kandhamal administration has introduced the first 3D Virtual Reality lab in Odisha. The lab has been set up with District Innovation Fund.

In the 3D Virtual Reality lab students can visualise atoms, planets, and human anatomy among others. The lab would help students to understand maths and science much easier.

Under the 5T HST initiative of Odisha government, over 4000 schools in Odisha are being transformed with smart classrooms where teachers teach on smart panel boards instead of using blackboard and chalk. The use of the internet, Youtube, and PowerPoint presentations for various subjects in the classroom has raised the interest of students while teachers are also enjoying the new changes.

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