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Journalists Re-enter Lok Seva Bhavan After Four-Year Hiatus

Bhubaneswar: In a significant development, journalists from various media organizations were allowed to enter the Lok Seva Bhavan on Wednesday to cover news, marking the end of a four-year restriction. The change came just hours after the new BJP government, led by Chief Minister Mohan Majhi, took the oath of office.

The move is seen as a positive step towards transparency and freedom of the press.

The restrictions on journalists’ entry were initially imposed in 2020 during the Covid-19 outbreak as a preventive measure. However, the limitations remained in place even after the pandemic situation had eased, leading to frustration and repeated demands from media professionals and political parties for their removal.

Both the BJP and the Congress had advocated multiple times for lifting the restrictions, arguing that it hindered the free flow of information and the journalists’ ability to perform their duties effectively.

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