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Jatni selected for United Nations-Habitat’s global ‘Young Gamechanger Initiative’

November: Jatni city of Khurda district in Odisha has been selected for the global ‘Young Gamechanger Initiative’ by the United Nations-Habitat.

Apart from Jatni, Armenia in Columbia and Bargny in Senegal are the two other cities selected for the pilot initiative.

The three cities will work in collaboration with the UN-Habitat country offices in Senegal, Colombia, and India for over three years to enhance health and well-being. of young people living and growing in the cities.

The project is initiated by the United Nations in collaboration with the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Block by Block Foundation.

Through the process, cities and young gamechangers will receive technical advice, training, ad hoc support, and advisory input to address the pressing challenges related to youth. The initiative will empower young people with voice and agency and provide the right digital skills to engage them in urban governance, the design of inclusive public space, and digital engagement.

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