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IOC Launches Official Mobile Game for Paris 2024 Olympics

Geneva: The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has unveiled an exciting treat for sports enthusiasts worldwide with the launch of the official mobile game for the Paris 2024 Olympics – Olympics Go! Paris 2024. This dynamic gaming experience promises to immerse fans in the thrill of Olympic competition like never before.

Featuring a diverse array of sports including breaking, fencing, archery, golf, and swimming, Olympics Go! Paris 2024 offers users the opportunity to test their skills across a range of disciplines, capturing the essence of the Olympic Games.

One of the highlights of the game is its incorporation of iconic landmarks around the Olympic venues in Paris, seamlessly integrated as city-building elements within the gameplay. This feature allows players to explore the vibrant cityscape while engaging in their favorite Olympic events.

Elisabeth Allaman, Deputy Managing Director of IOC Television and Marketing Services, expressed her excitement about the launch, stating, “Olympics Go! Paris 2024 encapsulates the Olympic spirit and global appeal of the Olympic Games Paris 2024.”

The collaboration between the IOC and nWay, the developer behind the mobile game, marks a significant milestone in the IOC’s ongoing efforts to promote the Olympic brand and engage fans across digital platforms.

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