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INS Shivalik Arrives in Japan for Bilateral Maritime Exercise JIMEX 24

Yokosuka, Japan: The Indian Navy’s indigenous Stealth Frigate INS Shivalik has reached Yokosuka, Japan, to take part in the bilateral Japan – India Maritime Exercise 2024 (JIMEX 24). This marks the eighth edition of JIMEX since its inception in 2012, emphasizing the strengthening of maritime cooperation between the two nations.

Upon arrival, INS Shivalik was greeted with a warm welcome by VAdm ITO Hiroshi, Commander JMSDF Yokosuka District, and Ambassador Sibi George, Ambassador of India to Japan. The exercise aims to enhance interoperability and mutual understanding between the Indian Navy (IN) and the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF).

The exercise encompasses both harbour and sea phases, fostering professional, sports, and social interactions during the harbour phase. Subsequently, the two navies will engage in joint war-fighting exercises at sea, focusing on complex multi-discipline operations in surface, sub-surface, and air domains.

INS Shivalik represents the Indian Navy, while the Guided Missile Destroyer JS Yugiri represents the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force. Integral helicopters from both navies will also partake in the joint exercise, demonstrating the seamless integration of air power in maritime operations.

As JIMEX 24 evolves in scope and complexity, it serves as a platform for both navies to exchange best practices, enhance operational cooperation, and reinforce their shared commitment to maritime security in the Indo-Pacific region.

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