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Indian Railways Launches Record-Breaking 9111 Trips for Summer Travel Season

New Delhi: To accommodate the anticipated surge in travel demand during the scorching summer months, Indian Railways has embarked on a monumental endeavour, operating an unprecedented 9111 trips across its vast network.

This staggering number of trips represents a remarkable increase from the previous summer season, where a total of 6369 trips were offered. The surge in trips, amounting to 2742 additional journeys, underscores Indian Railways’ unwavering commitment to meeting passenger demands efficiently and effectively.

The meticulously planned additional trains are strategically positioned to connect key destinations throughout the country, ensuring seamless travel along major railway routes. With all zonal railways across India mobilizing to operate these extra trips, travelers from states including Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Odisha, West Bengal, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Delhi can expect enhanced connectivity and accessibility during their summer journeys.

The planning and execution of these additional trips are a continuous process, with Indian Railways actively soliciting feedback and monitoring various communication channels 24/7. Inputs from media reports, social media platforms, the Railway Integrated helpline number 139, and details of waitlisted passengers in the Passenger Reservation System (PRS) are meticulously analyzed to assess demand on specific routes. Based on this assessment, the number of trains and trips are augmented dynamically, ensuring flexibility and responsiveness to changing passenger needs throughout the season.

Furthermore, Indian Railways has implemented comprehensive crowd management measures at all major and important railway stations to enhance passenger comfort and safety. Senior officers are stationed at key stations to oversee crowd regulation activities, while Railway Protection Force (RPF) personnel are deployed to maintain orderly queues for entry into General Class coaches. Skilled RPF staff monitor crowded areas via CCTV control rooms, providing real-time assistance to passengers and averting potential issues.

Moreover, Government Railway Police (GRP) and RPF staff are stationed at foot-over bridges to ensure smooth crowd regulation and prevent stampede-like situations during peak rush periods.

With a steadfast commitment to providing a convenient and comfortable travel experience, Indian Railways encourages passengers to book their tickets for these additional trains through Railway Ticket counters or the IRCTC website/app, ensuring a hassle-free journey during the bustling summer travel season.

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