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Indian Railways Announces 540 Additional Train Services for Holi Festival Rush

New Delhi: In light of the festive fervour surrounding the celebration of Holi, Indian Railways has stepped up to accommodate the surge in passenger demand by introducing 540 additional train services across various routes.

The move aims to facilitate convenient travel for rail passengers and alleviate the strain caused by the extra rush during this festive season. These special train services have been strategically planned to connect major destinations nationwide, ensuring seamless travel experiences for passengers.

Among the key routes covered by these additional services are Delhi-Patna, Delhi-Bhagalpur, Delhi-Muzaffarpur, Delhi-Saharsa, Gorakhpur-Mumbai, Kolkata-Puri, Guwahati-Ranchi, New Delhi-Sri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra, Jaipur-Bandra Terminus, Pune-Danapur, Durg-Patna, and Barauni-Surat, among others. The deployment of these services aims to cater to the increased demand for travel during the festive period.

To manage the crowds effectively and maintain orderliness, the Railway Protection Force (RPF) personnel have been tasked with supervising the formation of queues at terminus stations.

Additionally, for security measures, extra RPF personnel have been deployed at major stations to safeguard the interests of passengers. Officers are also stationed on emergency duty at key stations to swiftly address any unforeseen disruptions in train services, ensuring minimal inconvenience to travelers.

To enhance passenger convenience further, efforts have been made to provide timely and frequent announcements regarding the arrival and departure of trains, along with platform numbers.

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